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Patrick A. Gagnon

Patrick A. Gagnon

Expert in gold trading in Africa since 2011, it is first in the world of Canadian and American show business that Patrick Gagnon has left his mark for more than 20 years in business. His atypical career gave him an outside perspective that greatly benefited his business, propelling him rapidly among the largest gold exporters in sub-Saharan Africa.

Figures related to his gold projects speak for themselves: Mr. Gagnon has produced and exported more than 6000 kilograms of gold to Europe, the Caribbean and the Middle East, for a market value of more than 300 million US dollars.

Expert in relation to the African communities, in artisanal production, in gold dust and dore bars, Mr. Gagnon - who was naturalized citizen of Burkina Faso in 2014 - is an expert in the field, thus making a key INSIDER for you learn the basics of the real African gold trade. From the flaws of the profession to the complex legal framework, he will teach you the procedures to be followed so as not to repeat the many mistakes made by the investors who were driven by the gold fever before you. Mr. Gagnon has all the necessary experience and charisma to guide you towards a successful career in your gold trading or artisanal and semi-industrial gold projects.

For more info about Mr. Gagnon, we invite you to write his name on google: Patrick Gagnon Burkina Faso